Monday, October 18, 2010

Motivate Me Monday

As I try to re-do my bedroom I 1st need to figure out what needs to be in my bedroom and I need to start with what I can store in my closet!

So closet organizing is on my mind

REALSIMPLE had some basic tips.

Love this
 Who the heck lives out of this closet....someone who lives a simple life by the beach?

Love this by Making it Lovely ......Ikea Closet

Had to post this cutie...for all the kiddos out there!

Can you name this closet?  Come on Amy- I'm counting on you for this one!

Anyone up for a closet challenge- I challenge anyone to a closet re-do.....we'll give our self 4 weeks to complete!  Anyone up for it.....please be willing to do a before and after shot.  Please- I need a little competition to push me!  Please.....

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