Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Wedding

It's Saturday so it's only fitting that Weddings are on my mind....but what to call Saturday post...Sassy Wedding Saturday......Super Wedding Saturday......oh whatever....other people out there are so much better at the "days of the week" posts.  I can't even keep up with my Veggie Wedgie Wednesday!  Yikes.

So if I was getting married today and you were coming to my wedding here's some of what you would see...  

On the doors to the reception

Table Cards


Late night snack

Bridesmaids Dress

Bridesmaid gift
and their purse

and jewels

Ring Pillow

For the boys


My perfume

My dress

Something Blue


Purse and Shoes

My reception dress


Anonymous said...

WOW! All of this is so beautiful.
You have a real talent.
Don't even know where you find
all of this.
I want to be the bride!

Danielle said...

me's fun being a bride! I used to wake up every Saturday and say happy anniversary to Rob- because I loved my wedding so much! I'm gonna start doing that again.