Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Veggie Wedgie Wednesday (haven't done one in a while)


WholeFoods website had a great recipe... I love to roast mine- BUT the health benefits are better if you saute instead
here it is:
5-Minute Healthy Sautéed Cauliflower
Enjoy the extra flavor and health benefits from combining cauliflower with turmeric for this easy-to-prepare, great-tasting side dish that will complement almost any meal. Turmeric has long been recognized as a powerful anti-inflammatory in both Chinese and Indian systems of medicine, and modern scientific research continues to reinforce the benefits of this tasty spice. One serving of this dish also provides 181% of the daily value (DV) for vitamin C, 46% DV for vitamin K, and 33% DV for folate. Enjoy!

Prep and Cook Time: 5 minutes

1 lb cauliflower
5 TBS low-sodium chicken or vegetable broth
1 tsp turmeric
Mediterranean Dressing
3 TBS extra virgin olive oil
2 tsp lemon juice
2 medium cloves garlic, pressed or chopped
sea salt and pepper to taste

1 TBS chopped cashews
2 TBS Parmesan or Romano cheese
2 TBS chopped cilantro
1 TBS mango chutney
1 TBS chopped cilantro

Cut cauliflower florets into quarters and let sit for 5 minutes to bring out their hidden health benefits.
Press or chop garlic and let sit for 5 minutes.
Heat 5 TBS broth in a stainless steel skillet on medium heat.
When broth begins to steam, add cauliflower and turmeric and cover. For al dente cauliflower, cook for no more than 5 minutes.

Transfer to a bowl. For more flavor, toss cauliflower with the remaining ingredients while it is still hot. (Mediterranean Dressing does not need to be made separately.)

Serves 2

When I have roasted my cauliflower there is no need for broth- all I use is oil, turmeric, salt and crushed black pepper.  Turmeric is good when you are fighting cancer-  BUT it works best when used in oil with  crushed black pepper.  They are finding out amazing things about Turmeric!  Read up on it HERE and HERE.
Note if you are undergoing chemo- you may have to stay away till treatment is done.

My breast cancer sisters:
"Turmeric has been discovered to decrease estrogen and can block cancer causing toxins. Researchers have discovered has aided in stopping metastasis of breast cancer cells to the lungs in mice. One teaspoon daily has been shown in the reduction of tumor growth. You can get it as a supplement or mix the powder form into salads for a daily dose."

Cauliflower is definitely on the list for Cancer Fighting Veggies~
I am still learning but here's what I can tell you about Cauliflower:

Cauliflower is a cruciferous veggie family member (like broccoli).
You should eat a minimum of 2-3 times a week a serving being 1 1/2 cups
Want better benefits- eat 4-5 times a week a serving being increased to 2 cups      

Do not overcook!

Preventive to these types of cancers:

Provides nutrient support for 3 Body Systems that are closely connected with cancer development as well as prevention.

1. Detox System
2. Antioxidant System
3. Anti-Inflammatory System
*Chronic imbalances in any of these three systems can increase the risk of cancer & when imbalances in all 3 systems occur simultaneously, the risk of cancer increases significantly!  That statement is very important to remember.  Keeping things in balance and healthy is important.

Cauliflower is also good for heart health- being it's a great anti-inflammatory!

For every 100 Calories of Cauliflower you get about 12g of Fiber- which means good for digestive health!  

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