Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Valentine's Day

Well I'm still getting ready for Valentine's Day MARTHA has some great ideas:

Well I'm working on gifts for Valentine's Day and it's coming along pretty slow. I did crochet a heart book mark.

I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the Polaroid idea. I wanted to take a better picture, but I don't know. And they don't make Sweethearts like they used to....product quality is not very good....some hearts were blank!

I did purchase a couple of shirts for Rob, Lucas and myself at cafepress:
All 3 shirts came to $35. They had a good selection of shirts for $9.
Any guesses on who's is who's???

Well I did enter the give-a-way at Tatortottsandjello
from MY BELLE BOUTIQUE- cute stuff!

Today I felt a little sick to my stomach, but I think it was because I slept in. I should have taken my medication sooner. I was dreading the whole hair thing again today....what a baby.
Anyways the day turned out good and I finally just shaved the hair and felt better. Now I feel like a real member of the club....lol.
Karl my dog was a little freaked out, Lucas thought I looked good, Rob said, "It still looks like you" and then he had me try on all my wigs and hats. I have a nice selection. It turned out to be not so bad. Maybe if I have guts I'll post a picture.
I guess tomorrow I'll be wiggin out!

You know at times things smell so gross to me - well tonight I decided to say my rosary in the living room and as I'm saying it I could smell the flowers my friend Tammy had given me and it was the sweetest smell. What a blessing that was to smell them as I'm praying.
I'm going to sleep good tonight.....new pink beanie and all.


Sista B said...

All your V-day ideas are so cute and fun. I talked to Rob this morning - we like to meet up on I-81 and call eachother - why do we always run into eachother on the highway? Anyways he said you shaved your hair yourself. I know how hard the whole thought of it has been for you. It must have taken great courage and I'm proud of you. Hope you start feeling better again - Dr. B says to drink lots of water.

With love, hugs and prayers - B

Amy D said...

Hi D-

Thinking of you everyday. Well I am glad to hear you did ok with the loss and really glad to hear Lucas took it well. I have been thinking of him and how he would handle that amongst all else. Love the v-day stuff you are doing and glad to see you are trudging on and staying strong. I admire you on so many levels! While you are finding inspiration from others to cope I am finding inspiration on living life from you. You are real as you feel, your faith and testimonies, your love for family and friends, your willingness to stay strong even if you have a down day, and your smile.

Love you lots!

Love you lots!!!

Amy D said...

haha- guess I should proof read before I post. I see I did my signature 2 times:)

jenjen said...

Cute ideas Danielle! I love those shirts that you ordered. those are great!

I've been thinking about you my friend. Sending you big hugs!


Danielle said...

Thanks girls!