Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Hello- Tried it~ Tied it~

Well I tried the Cheap Trick Tuesday
(me at the 2011 Survivor Day Dinner)
I decided to play around with my necklaces and ribbon.
I like to buy ribbon in the .99 cent pile at the craft/fabric store when I see some I like.
Here are the 3 I have along with some ribbon that my mother-in-law used to wrap my birthday present- so that ribbon was free to me.  

Here are the 2 necklaces I picked from my my jewelry box :)

It can be as easy at just taking the 2 and tying them with a cool ribbon!

Gee~ I haven't been on in a while..........I wish it was because I was super busy with my 6 Week Plan, but I've had a nasty cold since the night of my birthday and just feel like crap.  I haven't done my video or my book in days- DEPRESSING!

The Survivor dinner was great and afterwards Rob and I went to the movies!  I really did miss my friend Betty as she was the one who got me to go to the dinner last year.  We were all to meet at the same table this year as we did last year.  Oh well- I'm sure she was with me in spirit.  I did see a couple of friends there.  I wasn't too happy with the "Stand up if you are a 5 year survivor......10 year"  O.K. he went on till I don't know what year maybe 15 and then there were none.  I don't know about everyone else there- BUT I did the math and that would make me less than 60.  I surely want to be around longer than that.   I realize a lot of survivors over 15 years probably stopped going to this dinner 10 years ago - but still.  I hated seeing less and less people standing as the years went on.  This topped with me doing a cancer calculator to see how many years my particular cancer can take off my life- really brings me down.  Why I did I do the calculator- I have no idea.  Why they even make such a thing- I don't know maybe there are people out there that prepared?  No thanks I'm not ready to prepare and so I hope that's O.K.  I think I've had cancer overload once again.  In my heart I feel like I'm done with cancer, but when I get sick and have aches and pains I think the worse.    
I continue to struggle - but I just pray and stay busy.
If you are going through HELL keep going.  
Winston Churchill

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