Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Cheap Trick Tuesday

Well I haven't gotten anything too much.............but I'm really thinking about discontinuing my magazine subscriptions.  Sad- but sometimes I don't have time to look and then I end up with all these magazines I have to then throw them away.  Well I do go through and take out somethings I really like.

After thinking about it I realized there are some good catalogs magazine on-line for no charge.  They are no where near as exciting as my Elle, but I'm so into pictures that sometimes a mindless catalog will do.

With my new eating habit on way I've been treating myself to good music and nice pictures- WELL I am so in love with sweater Uggs lately and Ugg's catalog/lookbook for Spring is GORGEOUS- I want it just for the beautiful scenery.

Take a peek at some of my favs- linked to them- i hope

2nd Day on NO sugar and not so bad- tired but OK!
The 1st three days are suppose to be the worst
I've been eating all organic and no junk!
I will be starting on Smoothies in the morning and I also have to buy a can of tennis balls.
Changing up my sleep habits and learning some stretches as well.
ALL this is from the book:
I follow and read along day by day

Tomorrow I take my before picture
My Slim in 6 finally arrived so I will start that today-
AND I have a session at the Myers Center 148 Vestal Pkwy E
Vestal, NY 13850
(607) 757-0517  for my arm which will include a mini back massage- Yeah! 


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