Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!

Well it's cheap trick Tuesday and I am loving pearl and ribbon necklaces- ALWAYS.

So we can make these on our own with necklaces we already have and some ribbon that's hanging around.
This GIRL did it  
I'm gonna try to play around with some of my necklaces at home.

Somethings I LIKE lately:

NY&Co. has some cute things

Stretched Legs

Engagement Chicken-Goggle the recipe- YUM.
My Bday meal.

This haircut on one of my fav blogs

Reminds me
the birds I used to see entering the CITY.

Kitchen Shelves

Blue Beachy Boy Room
love the stripe

and cute guys in their tux

Aprons by
Lisa Garza

Grey Cardy Uggs to wear to pilates

 And my red rosary beads that I feel O.K. to carry in my pocket- like a travel rosary.
When I carry my other ones I'm always afraid I will lose them.

Thank you Jesus for this Birthday

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Natasha said...

Happy Happy Birthday Danielle! I sure do hope that your day was truly special and that you have a blessed and beautiful year.

Hip hip Hooray!

Best wishes,