Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Carcinista has passed away

Sarah Feathers has passed away- She was an ovarian cancer survivor.  She had been battling since 2006.  I found her blog when I was diagnosed and had been following her on her blog and facebook.  She showed me how people go on even at stage 4- to care for their family and have a life.

Sarah is dear to my heart because she is the 1st person I ever reached out to concerning God because I felt it in my heart.  I sent her a message April 22nd and although I never received a response I hope it helped her in some way.  At first I was so sad to get nothing back, but now I just hold onto my faith that I did what was asked of me and it was good.    

Click on her picture to visit her blog

Here you will find some cancer tips from Sarah:

Sarah with hair- she promised herself she wasn't going out bald and although I didn't see her most recent set of locks- I bet they were beautiful.

She was a great writer and I loved reading her blog.
Sarah has left behind two young boys and a wonderful husband.
She took great steps to care for them after her passing. 

There is a podcast she did a few days before passing and it does contain a message - for survivors as well as you healthy fools out there!

You can listen to it here:

Another survivor friend (blogger) Dave summed up Sarah's message perfectly:

1) You are never too young to get cancer. If you do not feel well it is your doctors obligation to prove that you are not sick instead of you trying to show the doctor that you are OK.

2) The most important thing is creating nice memories for your loved ones

I was going to put some of my info up today, but Sarah's passing changed that.
AND remember tomorrow is the National Day of Prayer- what ya gonna do about it!?!?!?

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