Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oh gee- I've been so busy between- the normal stuff, I'm been dealing with helping Lucas with Spanish had a "Girls Overnight", and I'm tired from that and trying to exercise more to lose the weight.

I want to LOSE weight so bad..............sometimes
Other times I'm scared to death that I will finally get there and I will be tracked down and brought down by CANCER! 

It's hard to explain and I KNOW I can't live in FEAR of CANCER, but I'm only human.

I've been following a couple blogs where the women are nearing the end and it probably isn't helping me.  I've been reading them and constantly thinking about them and I feel like I'm cheating on my family because it occupies my mind and I don't discuss it with Rob or anyone (well now you'll know).  I almost feel like I'm sleeping with the enemy- CANCER
 WHY do I read these blogs?
I'm the type that I need to know all the possible outcomes and what I would do.  I think I pretty much know what it would be like if it came back and I ended up not making it and I'm pretty confident I would be OK.  I need to really give up a couple of blogs I follow like a stalker. 
My mind needs to live in my NOW not someone elses'.  I will pray for them and I love them for sharing something so AMAZINGLY hard.

So I scanned the pics from New Years and did a wee updated at our Wedding Website for something new instead of Stalking.  It was down for a while, but I just can't take it down for good
- I love how it counts the days we've been married. 

M.- if you are reading this SORRY I forgot my hair picture- will post soon.  I got highlights with color not bleach and they are super subtle, but you can at least see my hair growth.   

Please Pray for my girl Denise- she is wanting on her next treatment!

OK- onto some other fun stuff

I am looking for someone- anyone to do a
4 Wk Challenge with me!

In the next 4 weeks I really want to commit to doing some MORE with my fitness as to be ready for Vacation and then Summer!!!!!!!!!

Is there anyone out there willing to try?

To start I will post a pic of my body NOW- may or may not include my head.
Then I will list my Goals- One has to be an EXERCISE plan and One has to be a FOOD plan.  And last, but not least I need to list any potential problems I foresee and what I'm planning on doing to avoid them.  At the end of 4 weeks I'll post my after body picture. 
I/We will update how we are doing once a week. 

If you want to do it- just email me your before pic- and your goals.  Your pic could be no head, fully clothed which is preferred. lol.  Even if it's just a picture of you, you have laying around- put a sticker over the head I don't care.   

I'll post mine Saturday morning- to start the Challenge one day next week.  If you can get me your pic and info by Monday.  PLEASE think about it  :)
well I will go it alone if I have to
but don't hate me when ..............well you the rest.

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