Monday, March 7, 2011

It's Monday!

Well Monday proves that no matter what you plan - someone else may have different plans.  God threw a blanket of white snow on us!  WOW  Everything is pure and white again.

This Monday is the start of the 4wk Challenge- Mondays can be great because it's back to a schedule and the kids are at school.  Well not this Monday.  The Challenge is still on and I'm thinking of Jackie this morning as she is at home today with all 4 of her adorables!  There will be some adjustments made, but I'm sure she will be fitting in her water, fruits and veggies as hard as it may be with a full house?  You can check out Jackie's beautiful children at her blog-Jackie's Journey. 

Do kids make it easier for us to stick to something when they are around?   

Well today I am home and it may be good for me because I might get to do even more exercise than I planned- we'll see.  Lucas is home and he's pretty much easy- it's just keeping him off the TV/game that is the work for me.  The good thing about the kids is that they can give reason to go out and enjoy the show with them and get some exercise in while doing it.

Being home I should be able to cook a good dinner for all of us.

I don't how Jackie handles goodies when grocery shopping, but with a family you have to buy them goodies?  Well I do and yesterday while shopping I bought them these-

Being the brat that I am I couldn't leave the store without buying myself something for myself so I bought a box of Weight Watchers Cakes-  Here's the comparison-
Mine is WAY cuter- right?  lol

That's how I handle goodies!
Rain -- Snow -- or Shine.....we will plow through our Challenge today.

Go Maggie Go

Good Luck today Jackie!

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Danielle said...

Well it's 6 and I want to stop eating by 7 and Rob isn't even home yet! oh boy.
Good thing I did get in my 4 servings of fruit and veggies- have to work out after dinner.
Wonder how Jackie is doing?