Saturday, March 5, 2011

4 Week Challenge - Ready Set Go!

OK- I got 1 email -YEAH!

I'm super excited so I'm going to get right down to it!

Here is my before:

(no Karl is NOT doing the Challege)
I love his butt picture below. 

Oh my goodness- ugh.
My exercise goals are I will get up 6 mornings a week to do Bikini Ready Fast - I choose that because it claims results in 4wks. 
I will also do every night- a 20minute YogaBooty or YogaAb before bed along with my 8min abs. 
AND I will also commit to Cardio 4x a week- choices being kettle bell, step, zumba or cardio machine.  This seems like a lot, but we're only going for 4wks so I think it's gonna be good.
I know I'm going to run into problems with giving up couch/bed time - I hate to do it BUT it's only 4wks!
My MOTO is "You have to Pay to Play"  I know that if I want to have a decent vacation in the sun I need to really work on getting my self looking and feeling good.

Food goals- I will commit to Fruit and Veggies- 4 servings a day.  No eating after 7pm- only water or tea.  I'm going to journal all my food.  Again no eating after 7- really hard if I plan to go out or something.  I'm gonna need help with that one.  

My dear classmate and friend from way back Jackie is also doing the Challenge 
Here's her before:

My fitness plan: to complete some type of workout everyday... and try to get out and run 3-4 miles at least 4 X a week for now.....

tone up and firm up!!!

My food plan: to eat better throughout the day.... I am bad... I tend to not eat regular meals during the day.... I don't eat anything until afternoon and then it's just something quick to snack on. I want to eat ONLY fresh fruits, veggies or a yogurt during the day... and then a good healthy dinner..... I am thinking if I eat better throughout the day... I will be able to sustain myself and feel more energized!!! And this is a BIG one.. I need to drink more water. This is so beneficial to everyone... but I am supposed to REALLY stay hydrated w/ water... I had kidney surgery 2 years ago and this is something I am really supposed to make sure I do to make sure that kidney of mine stays healthy... drink LOTS of water... and I have really neglected doing that.

Monday it's on!

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Danielle said...

I'm so excited - tomorrow I need to hit the grocery store so I'm prepared.
Fill that water bottle Jackie!