Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hair- here's the pics for M

I wanted to get some pictures posted of my hair because I was able to talk to my sweet hospital buddy and promised her I'd get these up.  M and I are on the same hair schedule!  I hope I took good enough pictures- I know the highlights are hard to see, but believe me M my hair was darker.  I ended up getting highlights with color not bleach so they are very subtle and my hair did just fine.   

Here's a better picture of the back- wow it really curly back there!

Here's a famous survivor's hair journey- why couldn't I look this good through all my stages?

Kylie Minogue- a very sweet person!
May 17, 2005- She found out she had breast cancer.
I believe she was 37 years old.

Oh the curls

This maybe where my hair is at right now
She looks a little puffy here
I definitely did puffy a lot better than her-lol.

Kylie is approaching her 5 Year and will be set free- Way to Go for her!
After hearing her talk about begging her doc to take her off Tamoxifen in the beginning - I know she is probably thrilled to be done with it!

See what we have to look forward to M

Have a great day M- miss you!


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