Thursday, March 24, 2011


No I don't run- but Jackie does

Well as I was getting ready to clean up some magazines and paperwork at home -
like always I breeze through my magazines and save any articles I want to keep.
I came across this ad and thought of my 4Wk Challenge partner Jackie!
I know the weather has been bad for outside running and I really feel for her as we are on Week 3 and it has NOT been easy with weather and all.
How much easier would it be if the sun was shining and we didn't have to wear our winter coats?
Well- we just make adjustments. 

So this post is for Jackie- Hang in there!
Spring will show up I just know it

Here's some eye candy Jackie! 

I LOVE this outfit- Could see Jackie in this taking her kids pics 
Loft Jeans- Old Navy shirt

Had to throw this up as well.......digging the links!
Oh and the nails!

It's been so nice to know someone else out there is trying real hard these 4Wks to kick start them self like me.

I've know Jackie since we were wee girls.  Although we may have never been close friends- she is someone who would be there for you- that's a pretty amazing quality!   I'm so lucky to have a friend like Jackie- she had been there for me from before my breast cancer and during that time I know she prayed for me and it helped me SO much. 
She is truly one of those people who only gives off goodness and joy. 


Anonymous said...

Awww..thanks for this nice post, Danielle. You are right.. we have known each other since we were so young.. and while we weren't always that "close", I find it amazing that God brought you into my life because He knew I needed YOU. I needed to pray for you as you were about to conquer the fight of your life. You see, I don't believe in coincidences.. I think God has a purpose for everything...and bringing us together through your blog after knowing each other practicially our entire lives had a purpose that only HE could have known at the time - the timing was sureal, wasn't it? - that's God at work. I prayed SO hard and deep for you day after day when you were struggling and I continue to keep you in my prayers.. and even though I never saw you in person during this time.. I was with you in spirit.. and that brought me closer to Jesus. See, I needed YOU!!! And you know you were there for me...I reached out to you when I was feeling a bit lost, and you helped me more than you realize.
As far as this challenge goes... I do feel like a bit of a failure. I'm not running as often as I said I would. I'm not sure my after picture is going to look much different than my before.. and that's a bummer. No one to blame but myself though.
Maybe a pair of those cool sneaks would motivate me, huh? I love, love those!!
Thanks again for everything, Danielle. I've said it so many times, but I will say it again.. YOU INSPIRE ME!!!

Danielle said...

Oh Jackie you are so sweet. I too am amazed how you and I came together at just the perfect time. I know it was God as work like you said. Yes, and although we didn't see each other I knew you were there in spirit. I get chills when I think of you and I hanging out on the playground at St. John's each with our friends- not knowing one day we would be there for each other at YES the most difficult time of my life.

Hmmmm- your after- well your before was already a great after. Hey as long as you don't look bigger it's all good. I too couldn't keep up with the increase of exercise! I did though do better with Fruits and Veggies and Water like you had talked about. Hey and we had some crazy weeks!

New Sneaks- YUMMY