Monday, March 28, 2011


Well thank you so much for praying for my friend Denise.  
Denise is finally at peace and whole again in heaven.

It totally sucks...........last I talked with her she had a trach. put in and was faced with another tumor and more chemo and she was still laughing with me.  I hate cancer because we give up so much to fight seems like they take piece by piece.  Denise and I used to talk about music because she would put together memorials and such on the computer. 

Denise and I met at Doorways to Healing, she was the first person I met there.  She wanted us all to get together and have a picnic, but we didn't get that chance.  Just more reason to remember to always take that picnic if possible.

I feel so bad because I know she went through so much.

Cancer Sucks!

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