Sunday, March 20, 2011

4Wk Challenge Week 2 Done

Why is it that everything can't be good all at the same time.  I mean I may get my bed room organized finally and then my office area is BAD!  The laundry all done, but the sink is loaded!  My hair is done, but my eyebrows need's never ending.  Right?

I'm having the same problem with eating and exercising.  This 2nd week was going good Monday- I had something come up with Lucas and I was able to switch my gym time around- GREAT!  Then Tuesday as I was parking for Pilates I had a fender bender in the parking lot which resulted in missing my pilates appointment....which lead to me buying some yummy peanut butter snack I should not be eating!  BUT thankfully the dogs found the bag and ate them before I did even more damage!  Ahhhhhh

So I was sometimes bad with my eating, but I made sure not to eat after 7.  I wanted to cook at least 1 low fat meal, but didn't make it.

I'm still loving my lunch bag.  This weekend I was working on moving out of my old house (still) and I packed healthy snacks which actually helped me.  I also still love my water bottle no matter how many times I leave it at the gym and have to drive back to get it.  I felt like this past week I was a scatter brain.

I did lose a pound and I'm feeling good.

Tomorrow morning I MUST get up and do my bikini workout!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I have a very busy week coming up, but I must get prepared with food and a good workout schedule.  I'm a bit nervous about it, but there are plenty of times to fit in some sort of workout I just have to do it.

I wonder how Jackie is doing- probably better than me.  I bet she got out and ran thanks to the couple of nice days we've had. 

At the gym my trainer had me do 2 new exercises and 1 I couldn't even do- I was so embarrassed and frustrated!  The other one was so hard too- something with the balance- I usually have good balance, but I did have a headache and wasn't feeling 100%.  Maybe you'd like to try these:

Bench Split Squats

Place one foot on top of a bench or physioball and the other foot forward in the split squat position. With bodyweight or dumbbells in hand squat down on one leg. The weight should be in the heel, shoulders back, chest up, and abdominals engaged. The key to this lift is to maintain perfect posture through the spine throughout the movement. Perform three sets of 10 reps each leg.

Step-Up - With a Flat Bench

Stand directly behind a flat bench. With one foot on the bench, to assume starting position, be sure to keep feet shoulder width apart. As you exhale, step up on the bench and be sure to use your quad muscle to bring your body upward. Be sure that your knee does not extend over your foot as you step on the bench. Once your body is above the bench, lower your body as your inhale and repeat the pattern with the other leg. This exercise can be done by alternating the legs on the bench or doing a set one leg at a time. For added resistance, hold a weight in each hand when performing this exercise.
My trainer was having me do this with weights, but I couldn't keep my form so we ditched them.  

Some motivational images to get me going

oh brother

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