Friday, December 17, 2010

Well no results for at least a week.

Rob and I years from now

I had an absolute horrible day yesterday!  We got a late start and never made it to my appointment because when I called to say we were stuck in traffic in PA they informed me that Dr. Seidman had to leave early due to a family emergency.  As I sat pulled over on the side of the highway and the nurse was telling me I had to reschedule I lost it.  I handed the phone to Rob and just felt like I wanted to explode!

I dreaded this blood test and now I have to have it hang over my head all through Christmas when I mentally prepared myself for results by Friday - Monday at the lastest.

 Rob insisted I get the blood test here and then Dr. Seidman's nurse can read it for me- Yeah!  I went today and had the blood drawn and they told me it takes a week for results of one of the 3 tests they are running.....Which one I ask.......Oh just the CA 15-3 better know as Cancer Antigen 15-3- the most important ONE!  UGH.  What is wrong with me I'm now totally upset again!

OK- I did get a hold of myself and I'm trying really hard to get into Christmas, but I'm totally not digging it at the moment.  Not nice of me- I know.

So when I went to the office for my blood work there was a huge line and so many of the people are up in age!  It can be so depressing, but at this point in my life I LOVE old people!  As I was getting ready to pray I seen this little old lady who may have well been Santa Claus - that is how happy she made me feel.  She was wearing the cutest beret and had a little snowman on her coat.  She had a walker and moved so slow and she was inspiring to me.  She got up this morning and put that cute beret on- WOW.  I myself didn't even want to get up this morning!  I was hoping she would look at me because I actually do look for the face of God in people I see- SO I STARED AT HER.  How bad is that, but I thought if she looks at me I may see God and he will see me.?...  I prayed to myself and just stared and finally as she was taking off her coat she looked at me and gave me a big smile.  Oh the joy- it felt good.  As she took her coat off I could see she was wearing the most beautiful gold pendant of the Blessed Mother

- WOW.   I was so happy - I complemented her on her pin and she continued to sit down and read her book.  I too wear my pendants always unless I need to wear something that calls for a different necklace and then I feel horrible about it.  That rarely happens.  I wear mine because like her I am devoted to my belief that God is with me and my medals confirm that.  In that sense I feel like an old person-my medals are so important too.   As I was watching all these old people coming and going I thought to myself-  Oh how I remember thinking I never want to get old and now I look at these creatures and I love them.  They know something that I don't because they lived a lot more than me.  They are so strong and as I watched the old guy sleeping in his chair,  the guy making jokes as he stood there with his IV in hand, the little lady with the snowman pin, the little lady with 1 arm, the ones walking with canes I thought "I can't wait to get old"!  They have something special about them that I want.  They are just trucking along doing what they want with no fear they aren't bothered by the small stuff, but they actually enjoy the small stuff.  And some of them just look like really tough bad a$$e$- even the little old ladies - have it in them- if it comes down to a fight they'll kick butt.

I hate calling them old......we need another WORD something that says STRONG, DETERMINED, NO NONSENSE,  PEACE and LOVE.  How about wow he was so WISE or Gee she is so RESPECTED.  OK I'm babbling.

Tell me these guys aren't some of the toughest around 

What Arnold may not know is that these women are a lot stronger then even him

See what I mean  

Yep their old but don't know it!
and don't much care

Love this lady 
I don't think anyone is going to tell her anything
Not at her age
Yeah Right

I'm getting better and I just may get stronger through this holiday of eagerly awaiting my results.

I was so SUPER excited to receive an invitation to my pastor's open house- I LoVe his open house!

This weekend we have a Christmas party with some fun friends - Rob and I look forward to it all year.  We eagerly awaited that invitation as well.

I need to get busy on my Christmas cards- We are receiving some great cards!


cpauline said...

I know a great name for those
"old people"
Rush Limbaugh uses it all the
Seems to me that what you were
describing about these "old people"
is that they are "seasoned citizens"
So maybe you can come up with some
sort of "seasond" something for

Danielle said...

good idea! yes they sure are seasoned-they're great.