Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cheap Trick Tuesday

Well a couple of things come to mind- my mother reminded me about Gift Cards!  Gift cards are great to get, but the ones that deduct money when not used is not nice!  Make sure you check your cards to make sure you don't get penalized for not using them within the time given.  My mom informed me that our local mall does take money off if not used within a certain amount of time.  

Last night I was able to make a homemade gift- Salt Scrub and I have to say it is way cheaper to make your own that buy!  There are so many recipes on the Internet- I did a Lavender and Lemon Salt Scrub last night - Next I want to try and make my favorite- Vanilla Sugar Scrub! YUMMY.

I haven't tried this recipe yet.
We'll see

You can get your grapeseed, avocado and or sweet almond oil at the health food store along with the sea salt.  I used fine sea salt mixed with a bit of larger sea salt I already had at home.  You can also find the scented oils- like Lavender and Lemon. 3 Ingredients is all you need!  I didn't see any vanilla oil- so I'm still on the search for that.
Micheal's had jars not what I wanted, but they might even work better.
It is the smallest jar in the picture and it holds 2 cups- which seem like the perfect amount!

1/2 Pint jars is what I was looking for.
This homemade gift was SUPER easy and QUICK!

OK- Last but not least book pages (what to do with old books)

Alisa Burke- shows off some great crafts- I love the envelope she makes! 

How pretty

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Anonymous said...

Hi Danielle. I'm glad to see that you're getting your life back. I hope you have a wonderful Holiday and let's get together soon. I love your choice of X-mas music.

Vicky T.