Monday, December 20, 2010


It's so nice to receive packages- and it's even more fun to send them- I'm trying to be as creative as some other people! 

This package arrived from family friend in England

I love this Harrods box and I think it will be perfect to store all my Christmas jewerly in

I just love his adorable face!

This package I tore all apart and put the shirt on almost immediately.
Oh the wonderful breast cancer items
Betty's Blessings continue to come through.........I recieved this package from her wonderful daughter.

Nancy sent me these pictures and I love seeing Betty and Earl together.
Also the pictures of the pink tree are so meaningful because when I went to see Betty for the 1st time she was so proud of Nancy and all she does with breast cancer.
I sat in her kitchen and she showed me pictures of the pink tree with her name on it.
Now Nancy has sent me my own set of pictures and there was my name- it was so touching to me.  

And sometimes you get a package and you don't even realize it's a package.
My mother in law has an artist friend and she gave this to me- well it came way of Rob
I thought it was pretty and I thought gee I wonder if I can hang it on my tree and I wondered about the design.  One day I finally asked my mother in law about it and I got the real story! 
It's "Bottles of Hope"    
Read about them HERE
It opens- I had no idea
AND there is a little note inside
It reads:
This Bottle of Hope
made just for you
Holds wishes
and Love
Your Dreams come true

I was so honored to receive one made just for me especially after the whole store of the bottles- originally made by a cancer patient who put to good use Heparin (medicine) bottles.

My girlfriend Leann is just the best at writing and mailing out notes- letters- gifts.
How pretty is this package? 

Also inside was my water bottle I left at her house a few months ago. 
I went to open it to put it away    


A secret message.....oh she writes the best letters this one talked about my Sweet Sixteen party and how she felt like she one the best friend lottery.
I will never use this bottle again
I'm keeping it just the way it came with the note inside
I've got a couple packages of my own going out....a little late
I wish I was more on the ball like the wonderful people who sent me packages, but I am trying!

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