Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Please don't take my Estrogen away

I'm wondering if my medication that cuts down on my estrogen is causing my brain to shrink or something like that.

I don't know what it is- but I keep forgetting things and losing things!  Anymore I can't handle a lot of things at one time.  This past week I had lost my fluff, ipod and totally forgot about my mortgage payment!  I know I have things on my mind like my appointment with my oncologist and my D&C- but still.  I feel horrible because there are some people who call me and I don't remember to call them back and as much as I try to explain some don't understand and I guess I don't blame them- it's sounds a little dumb.  My poor trainer- I don't know how many times I screwed up that appointment- Finally Rob offered to make sure I knew the times.  I need to write everything down- but at times I don't.  I was usually pretty good at remembering things.

I did after many times of sitting and thinking and thinking about my ipod and fluff that the mystery was solved.  And this was after I said a prayer to St. Anthony.  I forget somethings and then I sit and try and to figure out what it is I can't remember.  Like there is a person I can not remember her name and before I actually ask Rob I am trying to figure it out myself- so what you do is picture the person and then try and then try to picture someone using their name- in this case I keep trying to picture Rob saying this person's name- in different setting like at the person's house or in my kitchen where Rob and I chat.  Well this has been going on for 2 weeks and well I NOW just remembered the name.  Yeah.  

I've been bad about taking some of my vitamins and I think I notice it in my joints - because they hurt more than usual- I think the fish oil helps my joints a lot.  My energy seems low- but that's to be expected.  I just haven't felt like myself.  I could be that I was without my ipod and fluff- who knows!  

The holidays were great- we got to see all our family members and it was great!  It was so relaxing and just plain good.  I used to dread the holidays a bit because of the stress of getting to see everyone and the shopping, but now I just don't seem to be bothered by it.  I had all these great intentions this holiday like cooking, shopping and so on, but I forgot about Lucas having  a tournament and I just ran out of energy.

So anyways.....Rob is away today and I can't tell you how many times I went to call him about something- like I forgot my house keys, do you have a taco kit at home and something else but I forgot what!  Gee he's only been gone since 5am and I've gone to call him 3 times.  It never used to be like that- I don't think.  Well maybe.....maybe it's just now I feel so dependent on him after everything we have been through it's hard to be with out him.

I did get to have dinner with Doorways Sisters and it was so nice to see all them and chat about our going- ons.

I'm also working on my Etsy shop again!  I'm so bad- there's never enough time to do everything

I really need to get moving on that shop...yikes!

 When we were in the city I found this great tie for Karl

And this cute hut for him 
 And what about me?

Oh yes Maggie I did get you something 
 Haha Maggie you look ridiculous

 Here's a couple Thanksgiving pictures 
My boy My joy

The more the Merrier 

 Sweet little girls

Boys they keep it fun
 I love Nicole's open mouth on this 

 Benny took this one- not bad!

 By the end of the day............we all feel like this
Yep I didn't take enough pictures.....I'm a dork and I probably forgot!

We attempted to have Maggie's 1st Sleepover over the holiday vacation- her sister Bella came over

 Well poor Bella missed her mom and dad so we had to take her home sometime after midnight.



Ninja Panda said...

Aww, the doggie pics are adorable! Gosh, my mind has been slippin' lately as well. I keep losing things & forgetting important parts in my sentences like "Oh, I saw this awesome movie last night!" "Oh yeah, What you see?" "It's called..umm..hmmm..?????" I'm placing the blame on my fillings. The mercury is slipping into my brain & causing memory loss. I know, I"m crazy hehehe. So, I feel you on the forgetfulness. I'm embarrassed when I slip around the fiance but he's sadly getting used to it. Anyhoo, I didn't know you had an Etsy shop. Super cool!


Danielle said...

Thanks Ninja - now I don't feel so bad and I have another excuse- mercury! lol