Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thank you God and everyone who prayed!

Blood test back and it was fine.

No big problems just showing I'm anemic- so maybe some blood studies.  I have been really tired lately and one morning this week mom found me asleep in my car.  YiKes

I am thrilled about my blood test- but I have to say it was torture waiting and it got worse when I knew they had the results, but hadn't read them yet.  I didn't think I could stand it....thought about taking a pill, but instead I prayed, cried, prayed more!  By the time I found out I was wore out from all the worry- totally drained!  Oh and I'll be sporting a coldsore for Christmas thanks to stressing so much!   My mom was with me when I got my results and I just cried and she hugged me till I stopped.
We always need our mom!

God heard and answered the prayers!  St. Theresa has been there for me every time I ask her.

I'm grateful to everyone who prays for me.  I know I was healed and blessed because of everyone praying for me.  I LOVE YOU so much!  Now I have to serve my Lord and maybe teach others of the power and love of God and his people.

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