Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I said goodbye to my surgeon till

October! I love my surgeon. The majority of the time I spent with her I was sleeping and she was taking pieces of me, but I love her.

I'm so glad I went to Sloan. Yesterday when we were sitting waiting for the nurse I thought of my other breast and got choked up. I keep picturing my breast sitting on a tray in the operating room. The good thing is at Sloan they do so much research that you sometimes have the opportunity to be part of a study. My breast tumor will be involved in 2 studies and that does make me feel good. In October I will go for a mamo and see my surgeon again.

I have an appointment with an oncologist Jan 4th. I am on a waiting list if he has any cancellations sooner than that. So no chemo before Christmas! I think that will be a good thing.

I had my 1st fill and it wasn't bad. I have no feeling in my breast so the I only felt when the needle went through the muscle. Like we thought they use a magnet to find the area to pierce with the needle and they mark it with a marker and stick it. I think she gave me 60ccs. I did take the pain pill before I went (skipped the anxiety pill) so there wasn't any pain after. I actually see a bump forming. I will go to get a fill every Monday for the next 3 weeks. I also love my plastics surgeon too!


Sista B said...

You're so cute D! Not only will you help others by being a part of a study, but I know you will help others in so many more ways - like dealing with breast cancer. It's nice to hear that women get together and help eachother out. Knowing you have a network of women to talk to about this has given me great comfort because there isn't much that I can say but I can give you my support and prayers.

Love you,

Danielle said...

Thanks so much Becky- you are the best sister!