Thursday, December 10, 2009

Things I'm thinking about.................

Wearing a wig? HairUwear

I heard wigs are hot and itchy so here's an idea
Hair under a hat- not a full wig.

I'd like to attempt this This girl is my crochet IDOL
I'm finishing up a real ugly scarf for myself

I'd love to make Christmas cupcakes with these little guys

I feel like I want to do this- BUT I can't yet
Downward-Facing Dog

Yarn - I can't find any cool yarn around here!

My love/hate relationship with my new phone

Tea and Tea Kettles - I'm into Tea lately

Soup- I'd love to make a HUGE pot of SOUP once a week!
Sweet Potato and Basil by Robin Miller dishing out the recipe at the NEST

Heidi Klum and all her jewels for The LOFT...I see this picture a lot in NYC.

Glamarella Junk
These slip dresses are SWEET! also glamarella


This hat looks good on anyone!
Juicy Couture @ Zappos
you can get in black at Juicy's website for $55 but this color is NiCe
Wish is was cheaper! They sell a ton of hats in the city but I haven't found this style and this color yet.


jenjen said...

What a great list! I love soup - just made a pot tonight :) Perfect for the cold weather. And that hat is awesome - it would look great on you!


Sista B said...

I'm thinking you have the best eye for style chickie. Those are some great hair styles and you have the face that looks great with any hairdo. Those little snails, they're adorable! And I love those hats too. I tried one on last night at Dick's - super cute.

Hey I love the tune by Pitbull/Akon called Shut It Down. It is an awesome dance song and very empowering. It also gets me all choked up and reminds me of you and your fight and how you are kicking cancer in the butt.

A lot of things have been getting me choked up lately - can't even listen to Christmas music this year. I always get a teary eyed at Christmas - it's terrible. How about you? Maybe it's just me at that's why my Grandpa Grogan always called me Cry Baby Becky. Oh the memories, they're all good.

Danielle said...

Yeah that hat is great! Jen- I'm wondering what kind of soup? I imagine it's great like everything else you create!
Becky- you are a cry baby! You are the best. Christmas always did make me cry, but this year I think it'll make me happy. Or I'll cry.
I'm going to look up that song you mentioned.
I have to be honest- I'm not looking foward to losing hair, but there a lot of options out there.