Saturday, September 12, 2009

You won't believe your eyes.....I guess this is what IBS looks like

Ok when I said I didn't feel good the other morning this is what my stomach looked like by the end of the night:
The next morning:

How cruel to look pregnant at a time I wish I was pregnant. I'm over crying about it I have to do something.

I did get my blood work back (check cholesterol) and my cholesterol is GREAT! GOOD NEWS

I guess I haven't been eating that bad- I'm happy!

I must start cleaning up my eating even more. I will start next week because this weekend (which in the 4th in a row I've backed a suitcase) I'm on the road.

I've been looking into Colon Therapy and Meditation Schools in the Catskill Mountains. The eating part will be fairly easy for me because in the past I have done food combining and detox programs.

I want her to teach me how to be silent

I want him to feed me salad

I want to feel GOOD! Peace out!

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