Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Back to School and Indian Summer

I really dread back to school! This year Lucas probably needs a homework area other than the kitchen table. So I searched for some ideas and here's some really cool work stations:

A few of those were girly- but I loved some of the organizing ideas
I'm really going to set up some goals for this school year.
Pay more attention- get more involved. It's so easy to just let Lucas go about and do his homework and prepping for school, but I know he would like to do even better this year SO I will HELP more. I will also listen more to complaints and take action at home before making a phone call.

Keep an ear out for Bullying- this is the most stressful but I'm not putting up with it at all. If I have to wake up everyday thinking about a Bully I will! There's no way a kid should have to go to school and have to worry about that!

Family dinner- get more organized and serve GOOD lunches! Use a Thermos more, because Lucas loves soup.

For now Rob has cleared an area for Lucas in our office, but I will get him a personalized area.

OH and I make sure Lucas does his chores!
AND BUY a book on getting into college!

It's good to be where we live for INDIAN SUMMER! I once had a friend who's mother always had an Indian Summer Dinner and it was always so nice to sit outside in the sun as the leave were such beautiful colors! We are so lucky to have it and this year I'm going to CELEBRATE IT!
I'm going to roast pumpkin seeds and attempt to make apple crisp. For my main meal? Not a clue. Maybe this

If I was really on top of my game I'd wear this to bed....... LOL

I'm totally in love with rompers- and I think we can fit some in being we still have INDIAN SUMMER! I especially love it with a leather jacket. I really think a little black jacket is a must for fall. H&M has a cute leather jacket for about $179.00!
Here's a faux for $34.80 at forever21

My favorite ROMPER I could never afford!

On the street of NY Sept 4th................ So far we're having some great September weather!

For fall the 1Shoulder thing is going to be big especially for evening wear!

Guess shoulder and arm exercises will be big as well.
Check here for some exercises:

There are mornings I have a terrible time with my stomach. I've been reading CLEAN- just b/c I had it and now I LOVE IT!
Dr. Alejandro Junger is wonderful and lays it all out in a common sense way.
So this morning after waking up I was fed up!!!!!!!!!!! I will start an Elimination diet as soon as possible and then proceed on to a fast.

I will also start meditating. This was also talked about in the book and I was very impressed. Sometimes our minds do need a rest! There are recordings going on in our head. I wasn't a huge believer in this until I was married to someone who cut me up a lot- I knew the things he was saying were false and chose to ignore them, but what I didn't know is that stuff like that sticks and does affect our being. Every time he cut me up I had to tell myself one of two things: He's an asshole or I'm not that bad. All that combating took a toll and affected me until I got help. So now I believe I'm struggling with telling myself I'm sick. I believe I need to step away from it and meditate.

The deep breathing is still helping me so I'm sticking with that. I'm also being more mindful of my eating after reading MINDFUL EATING.

Exercise has been helping.

I still take the magnesium and fish oil and they are a life saver for me.
And most importantly I PRAY!

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Sista B said...

It's the first day of school. Now we're really back to the grind! Hope Lucas has a great day and a better year - actually I pray for that for all the kids. Nolan goes tomorrow and I will ride the bus and stay at school with him. I worry what will happen on Monday. Hopefully he will be excited.