Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm back

Vacation was great- I feel BRAND NEW!

The boys were great all week- I was amazed! I only wore my 2 piece bikini the whole time.........I guess I'll be one of those old ladies walking the beach in the bikini. I never would have thought it. Some regrets now viewing my pics-lol.

I really got to relax and spend time with my mom, Lucas and my godson Joey. There were times I laughed so hard I cried. I will miss the dirty banana drinks!

Tomorrow I will do my drawing- yeah!

It's so busy now with school and sports starting again. Lucas is running cross country and I ran with him last night- I suck (as Becky knows)! I don't know how you people run BUT I'm determined to RUN if it kills me. I wonder if anyone would be interested in training to run a marathon? We would all train on our own and pick a marathon to do? Any takers?

So years ago I told Lucas he can get a cell phone when he's in 7th grade and now he's in 7th- yikes! Right now he has a track phone and can't text b/c it's too much money and takes up a lot of minutes and I LIKE that. I think texting can be bad (Jackie- you made me think about cell phones a little more). I've had people tell me that they then don't know what's going on. Example at my house growing up

Phone rings
I answer
Close my bedroom door
Mom with ear against door


Phone rings again
Mom answers/ I answer
Mom never hangs up


Phone rings again
I answer
Open my bedroom door
Tell mom- "I got IT"
Mom goes to other phone and pulls out the phone jack before taking phone off the hook to listen!
That's when I learned I was monitored.

Ok - my parent's were probably overboard. I guess it's like someone having access to Lucas and I won't know. Or Lucas recieving bad images. Another thing is, I think kids text things they would never say and that scares me. I know I will be collecting the phone from Lucas at night, but is that enough? ~Jackie I'll probably email you to get some tips. I know at Lucas' school HS boys were getting younger girls #s and having them send pics of themself. If we tell them not to do it will they? Who's to say a friend doesn't snap a photo of a friend.......oh my I'm gonna drive myself nutz. God bless mom's of girls!

Hey has anyone seen this pic:

Hmmmm....Interesting. I don't know what I think.

I miss the hot sun and doing nothing!


Sista B said...

Welcome back!!! You are your bathroom look cute and tropical. Sounds like you had lots of fun and got to relax in the sun. We'll have to catch up. I may be up for the marathon training... maybe it will motivate me to run... haven't gone in months and now I'm starting to feel it!

Stick with the track phone for Lucas as long as you can, and yes, take it away at night.

Glad you're home! Hope to see you soon.

Danielle said...

Thanks Becky! WE will have to catch up. You really should run if you can. Amy is jogging I see. I'm trying. Maybe we can all get on track at the same time! Otherwise we'll have to stick with taking turns at being fit..lol