Wednesday, September 2, 2009

And the winners are:

Photoclip Mobile- Jackie
Perfume- SistaB
Apron- TZel
Paris Necklace- jenjen (from my fav blog) Check it out- you will love her! She has some great boot looks for fall-YUMMY

Thanks everyone! That was fun- I wish everyone could win- so being I didn't have too many entries- if you didn't win send me your email and I'll send ya a little prize.

Winners- just email your address to:

Any complaints see the official drawer: Lucas

Well I did jog again last night- but without Lucas :(
He was too tired from practice. The good part was that I paced myself better running alone. I also love my new sneakers, I forget the name of them but they are so comfortable. The name begins with an M.

Here's a little fun cheap outfit to kiss summer goodbye!

Dress- $7.00

Scarf- $7.00

Bracelet wood- $2.00

Gold Bracelets- $5.00

Necklace- $5.00

For a grand total of $27 and some coins!

All Walmart- and honestly the dress is really cute on.

I KNOW it's Veggie Wednesday- but I've been bad with my veggies on vaca!

Last night I did scrape together what veggies I had and made a quick stir fry, but other than that I've been bad!

We do however have a new vegetarian living with us so that is inspirational!

Check out what this guy eats every morning for breakfastHe's serious about the veggie intake!

Welcome Home Tortellini- I did miss you- XX


Sista B said...

Sing it...Tortellini's in the house!

Love, love the dress - the entire outfit. You are Diva D.

Can't wait to see you this weekend! We'll get to layout in the sun in all our fab - because having a little fat is fabulous!!!

I know... I'm so queer. Anyways it's suppose to be a gorgeous weekend!

It will be funny to see Chloe and Carl together!

Much love!

Kupiec Family said...

OH....those sneakers are GREAT aren't they? My daughter Megan just got a pair because she is running cross country too. I borrowed them the other night to try them out and loved them. Next...I get a pair....but with 4 kids to buy back-to-school stuff for, Mom comes last.
Thank you for REALLY don't have to do that!
Take care,

Danielle said...

B- I'm so excited too- I will be fatabulous! LOL

J- yes those sneakers are great! They had a pair on sale for $99 (@Dick's) which is still a lot for me but I did have a DicksOpen coupon for $10off. Those sneaks are normally $134YIKES. I have few of those Dicks coupons I'll send one your way.
Gee your daughter is doing cross country We may have a cute couple in the makings - lol.

jenjen said...

You are too cute. I am loving your blog!!!

Cute outfit - can't believe it's from Walmart. Why can't I find anything cute there??

Thanks again Danielle!