Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Flower for U

OK it's not a flower - it's garlic!

Garlic is so good for you and I LOVE roasted garlic
I just read about roasting your garlic in muffin pans and I though it was a great idea.
1. Preheat oven to 400

2. Cut the top part of your garlic so the top of each clove can be seen and covered with olive oil and S&P.

3. Put the garlic in the muffin pan

SIDE NOTE- giggle- check out this bachelor pad muffin pan....hey at least he makes muffins

4. Drizzle Garlic with Olive Oil and then season with salt and pepper (make sure you rub olive oil over each clove)

5. Cover each Garlic bulb with foil

6. Put in the oven until they are soft (mine took about 1 hour)

What you are doing is cooking the garlic until the cloves in side are so soft you can spread them like a jam on bread!
I love spreading the garlic on Italian bread and a sprinkle of salt!!!!
See below these cloves were just squeezed out of their bulb

I have also used roasted garlic in pasta dishes. One simple pasta is easily done with roasted garlic, fresh garlic, fresh basil and shredded parm cheese.


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Sista B said...

That garlic flower is so cool. I love garlic and sneak it in when I can. Jason thinks it gives him indigestion or something.

And the bachelor pan - a lot of love went into that pan and all the blueberry muffins he has made... too cute.

Nice boots. I liked the third pair down on your first post with the booties.