Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A couple things keep going through my mind:

Lucas told me he is unsure what he wants to go to college for
Lucas loves athletes and would love to be a star athlete
Lucas thinks he is going to enjoy Science this year
So I came up with - There is not enough coverage of good people in the news.

Example: NORMAN BORLAUG died this past Saturday
This man was 95 and is responsible for saving a billion people in his life!
This from a boy from a farm in Iowa!

Is this an inspiration? Should Lucas look up to this person- YES! Does he know a thing about him- No.
This is from an article written in 2007 when he received the Congressional Gold Medal:
Has there been anyone else in history credited with saving a billion people? Yesterday Norman Borlaug received the Congressional Gold Medal, America’s highest civilian award. This humble and unpretentious microbiologist and plant breeder is credited with saving over a billion lives through the “Green Revolution.” Dr. Borlaug has spent his professional life introducing crop breeding methods to developing countries that dramatically increased crop yields and saved over a billion people from starvation. And he is still going strong at 93 years of age.
Read the rest HERE

I am but one member of a vast team made up of many organizations, officials, thousands of scientists, and millions of farmers - mostly small and humble - who for many years have been fighting a quiet, oftentimes losing war on the food production front. Norman Borlaug

Lucas should know about this good man.

I'm gearing up for my fast next week and it's going to take a ton of preparation! I'm super nervous that I won't be able to do it:

I need to have a lot of will power
I need to make a week of meals in 1 day
I need to grocery shop for my family and my fast
I need to have everything in order at my house
I need to have something to do with my extra time I won't be spending on food.

I'm still finishing up CLEAN and I skimmed over some of the global warming stuff- I'm not into that at this point. It was also hard to read about all the chemicals in plastic wrapped food as well as the chemicals on our clothes- I was getting a little overwhelmed.

I had an AHHH moment when reading about thinking about food! Food started being bad for us when we started thinking about food! You know what I mean (well if you like food or are addicted to things like sweets, diet drinks, carbs). WE THINK ABOUT FOOD- LIKE A HIGHSCHOOL CRUSH.

That's where humans took a turn........animals don't think about food. Animals eat only because they have to eat to live and they eat when food is available. THAT'S when I thought of LUCAS and other children! Lucas when asked what do you want to eat says "I don't know yet?" Lucas only eats when he's hungry. I eat when bored, when happy, when sad, whenever.
Another thing that really gets me- MILK. In the book DrJ talks about how we are the only mammals that drink milk after breastfeeding is finished. Then we actually take the milk of other mammals for our own. No other animal drinks milk once they have breast fed and gained enough weight. Weird.

I will doing the juice fast to start and see how that goes and move on to a raw diet.

Fasting will mean TAKING IT EASY! I feel real guilty asking the BOYS for help at such a busy time.
If I had my way I would go away- like to my old house and just be alone in pjs everyday after work.....I feel like I need to go away and find my HEALTY.
Can't do that- next best thing..... I pair of new VS pjs! We'll see

VS has some cute boots:

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