Thursday, September 3, 2009

I'm an AUNT again!

My baby brother and his wife had their 4th! Isn't he cute?

Today I went to the doctor insisting that maybe there is something in my stomach making it stick out. Yeah I know- Why would I do that? I just never had a gut (well maybe during that chubby stage growing up). Some days it's so far out I look pregnant! I know I keep talking about this but it is so strange to me.

She asked me to undo my pants and she would feel my stomach for something...............she grabbed me and said "this is all you". LOL
It's confirmed the 19lbs I gained since being married is FAT! There's no little boulder growing in there!
She suggested I do low carbs, South Beach or The Zone. I still have stomach problems but I am sure it's just my eating. I'm now reading CLEAN and so far it's a very good book.

I am still jogging every day- So that's good.


AmyD said...

He's so toot- congrats!!!

Good job on jogging everyday! I have been keeping up with it too! I am going to increase to 2 miles in 2 more weeks. I would seriously like to commit with you to do a marathon- maybe a 5k to start. We could train and do it in the spring. Let me know your thoughts. Have a good day:)

Danielle said...

I'm game. Exciting