Friday, September 18, 2009

BOOBS of a 40 year old

This bra is special because it is wonderful for a woman with substance! It's by Victoria's Secret and it's especially designed to minimize without looking dumb.

OK- I have to discuss boobs because lately I have gained weight and they are huge to the point of gross- I think.

When I look at my self naked the boobs are def big, but also not as perky! But that isn't as much of a bother as my shoulders! I have worn a bra since age.....I have no idea. BUT I have been wearing a bra 24/7 since the beginning of my bra wearing life. So I do actually at times have marks in my shoulders :(.....I can't sleep without my bra on!

SIDE NOTE- the fit of your bra is super important. There was a time in my life I sized chicks for bras at Victoria's Secret. Any way watch this and your bra questions/problems will be solved. You may even look a few pounds lighter just by a well fitted bra. If you ever do anything special for yourself get fitted or do it your self and as crazy as the size sounds buy it and try it. Watch the above clip from Daily Candy- it's really good.

It's so funny how things have changed as far as boobs go- In the 80s/90s the super models were super skinny with not much chest SO that's what I wanted. Clothes just look better- Right? Well now I know that's not true, but then I wanted nothing to do with boobs. I hid my boobs.

As I got older and liked boys almost as much as fashion I couldn't figure out why boys would like my friend so much. She would wear tight sweaters and I was like - ew. I wore bags hoping to look like a stick, but looking more like a chubby kid than a girl. Then I don't know if someone told me or I just figured it out: Boobs get you attention. Not always the welcomed attention, but attention. I learned this in my 20s- that my boobs were big for my size- what ever that information did for me? I guess he thought I would be flattered. So then I learned sometimes I wanted attention and sometimes no. In my late 20s boob jobs became more popular and then sometimes people would have the nerve to ask if they were real. You can't blame the person boobs had taken on a life of their own- it wasn't even like they were a body party anymore. WHAT is really funny is the bigger the boobs the badder the attention gets! I realized that in my 30s. And no mom wants attention while walking through Walmart with your child.

So now I'm 40 and KNOW that a bad bra does us no justice! I can think back to grammar school in my early bra wearing years- MRS>(my Spanish teacher) She had 3 boobs! Not really but she had the boob over pour- that I sport at times. YUK!

And speaking of 3 boobs- Did you know that when we are maturing in our mom's belly we actually have a line of possible boob locations? NO? I didn't know that UNTIL- I was going to have my son and in my doctor's office he found a mark on my stomach that resembled an early, early nipple form.

This is called a supernumerary nipple. (sorry to use that n word)

They arise during fetal development, when something along the milk lines goes slightly awry, triggering the development of an additional nipple. Around one in 18 humans has an extra nipple, making the condition not at all unusual.

I have one. No one besides my doctor ever noticed mine.

Some people say it means you're special other say it's the sign of a witch!

I didn't realize how much of a boob person I was until blogging this. Now for sure my son can never read this blog. Or Rob for that matter- he will flip out over that 3rd thingy. lol

5 days after posting this I had a mamo and ultra sound my 1st ever- to find out I had 2 tumors in my right breast.  I think all along I knew there was something up with my breasts, but honestly didn't know what.  I would never have thought I would get breast cancer being my family isn't one for a history of breast cancer.  Well myself and my cousin both were diagnosed at 40.  Our fathers were brothers.
Please if you wonder about your breast go to your doctor and get checked.  This post was a nice tribute to my life with my breasts. I now will carry on without one- it saddens me that I didn't act sooner- the night I mentioned to my husband that something seemed wrong I should have called my doctor......that day at work when I had a huge pain in my breast I should have called my doctor.
I am free of cancer now- in remission but I'm high risk for breast cancer.  


Sista B said...

OMG! Are minds are thinking about the same thing. My story is "BOOBS of a 35 year old." I'll have to tell you something I just told Jason last night. I'm glad I had my first mammogram even though it was scary because I had to go back, but the tech told me something that I can't get off my mind. Basically, boobs are a pain in the butt, big or small or whatever else that comes with them.

Sea glass? I need to get a lot more. My niece took two entire sandwich bags full home and didn't share with poor Tyler. We only have a small collection in a vase. Next summer I'll be sure to do some collecting.

Oh, and the appointment I thought I missed at school? It was yesterday. The teacher was on bus duty. She should have left the light on and door open with a note!

Here's to a bright, cheery weekend!

Danielle said...

Boobs are a pain. Mammogram- yuk. I'm dreading it- you'll have to tell me all about it.
Next year - maybe we'll camp at Senca one weekend and collect qt. size bags! That stuff it neat!
Did you watch the bra fitting? That lady is funny.

Kupiec Family said...

Well, between you and me (and I suppose whoever else reads this) I too have that 3rd. thingy. My doctor also pointed it out. It is very small and I never ever thought it was that until he told me that. It is underneath one of my real boobs (lol!!!) Ya, I actually had boobs until I nursed 4babies. After each baby they got a bit smaller. Oh well.... we always want what we don't have.
Take care.

Danielle said...

That's funny Jackie! Great you breast fed all 4! I didn't even touch on my breastfeeding boobs- THAT is HARD work. 4- wow. It's not fair they get smaller after breast feeding- we should be rewarded for breast feeding!
I guess you and I are in the 3