Thursday, November 4, 2010

What a great day!

I'm a fan of Bette

Well I met with my plastic surgeon and he said I did pretty good with the radiation.  There is a little bit of tightness, but not bad.  I'm still tan there so he wants to wait a bit till I get my nipple.  Well I have an appointment of March 3rd to get my nipple- yeah.  We had 3 options- 1st a tattoo of a nipple, 2nd he will gather the skin on my breast and make a raised area (like a nipple) and then tattoo, 3rd skin graft from somewhere else and then sew it on.  We decided on #2- which can be done right in his office.
We asked about the scar on my other breast because it's pretty red and raised- we are going to wait and if it doesn't go down on it's own he can inject steroids in it and help break it down.

Met with my breast surgeon and I got 2 breast exams- and they were excellent!  No lumps No bumps!  I will have my next mamo May 2nd.  I was so happy with my appointments, but I immediately start thinking of my next appointments and start to worry.  I'm getting better- but it's still hard.  I'm trying really hard this time to just enjoy the good appointments I had.

My next appointments are Dec 2nd with my oncologist- which I'm assuming blood work will be done to check tumor markers.....people worry about scans, but since I don't get scanned I will worry about my blood work.  Well I'll try not to.

Dec 3rd I will have my D&C and have that polyp removed.

Speaking of my uterus- I was able to visit my survivor friend in the city Francesca!  She is so sweet to us.....we ate good food and enjoyed some 25year old balsamic vinegar.  She gave me a Susan G Koman hat!  She's a uterine cancer survivor who does the Susan G Koman in the city and she is one strong lady.  Uterine cancer treatment can be very difficult for women- they go through some very invading procedures.

So anyways as we sit down I hear this song playing and I'm like - what is this song I know I know it.  I just couldn't figure it out and then finally I did.  A Man Without Love- BETTY'S favorite was singing!  Engelbert Humperdinck!  I couldn't believe it- How could that happen.  I mean Betty LOVED him so much.  I forget how many times she seen him in concert and actually in her casket she held her rosary and her tickets to the next Engelbert concert which she will now be watching from heaven.  I took that as a sign from Betty to live a little and enjoy myself.  WoW.  If anyone can get a message from heaven it would be smart little Betty.
Thank you Betty.

Also I'm so thankful for my mother in law for taking care of the dogs all day.  Thankful for Lucas' friend and his family for taking care of my little Lucas.  Lucas was so sweet to text me about my appointment.  I love that kid.    

I have a new book I'm reading
Getting Well Again- Carl Simonton- it's old but it's a good one.  I'm hoping to meditate more and use visualization.

A couple of blogs I follow that I Love:
The Carcinista- she is a wonderful writer and her recent post was one of the most beautiful things I read.
Dancing with Cancer- another wonderful woman who is kind enough to share their experiences and show us that you can live with cancer and even beat it right till the end.
These women make me believe that I could stand up to cancer no matter what- I love them for that.

My pilates workout is getting a little easier and I'm starting to look foward to class instead of dreading it.
I lost another pound - they are slow to leave but I think the pounds will come off.  Writing everything down that I'm eating is helping a lot and Heather has been so good with helping make some changes in my food choices.

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cpauline said...

The song playing was just amazing
That could not just be a coinsidence
Try to just live and enjoy the best of each
day, I know u can because u always did!