Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Books everywhere.................

So I am ever so slowly trying to do our bedroom - and my plan is to get everything out that doesn't have to be in the room! Our room is small and I tend to clutter stuff up. All over our room is books! Rob and I both like to read before bed so we have the books we are reading at the moment (for me that's a few). Then we have another pile- Books to Read (Rob's) and Books to continue to look stuff up (Danielle's). Well on top of that we also had all my books all over in different piles. Rob's already read mob books were kept in the living room any old way. I hate to say this, but I don't like paperback books so I tried to get rid of some of his mob paperbacks. Well I tried. My paperbacks are OK because they contain important

So I can across a lot of different ways to display your book collection. I would see some displays with books color coded looking so nice........and I could never do that. The trick to that is doing book covers I think. Then I seen this picture below where they displayed the opposite side of the books. Cool huh....

This is really good especially if you don't want others to see what you are reading....Like the one night the snoopy carpet cleaner was looking over our books and was like "Gee.... you have a big range of book subjects: Mob, Cancer, Eating, IBS, God"....yeah we have        

 This would be what I would normally do with my books....I'm not digging it right now. 

 Love this look

Here's another look we do sometimes

Fireplace with BOOKS....LOVE IT
Oh how much I love this room- I had to laugh when I looked in the one mirror to see purses hanging on the wall- when I was young and had a cute collection of vintage purses I hung them on the wall in my bedroom! I just came across some of my favs and thought about hanging them on the wall, but that would be too girly for our bedroom maybe a girly office space?

 Stack em


 Here's what I ended up doing:

I collected every book in the house (except cook books) and was able to get them all on there. I was even able to store magazines underneath.

NO more Man Hanging from a Wrecking Ball- that was the picture hanging where the flower picture is - typical guy thing.
The FLOWER picture I originally had in my bedroom, but now I"m thinking of keeping it in the living room. HOMEGOODS- I love you.

Next in my bedroom
*my jewelry - I have about 2 jewelry boxes in sight....the rest are hidden under my bed and there's a lot. Under the bed organizing can be a project in it's self...if you know me you know I like jewelry. My jewelry is very well organized - it's the other parts under the bed that need fixing...........Like do we really need a rifle, baseball bat, and every extra button every attached to a piece of clothing we ever bought under there? Our issues continue.LOL


Sista B said...

Doesn't organizing feel good? Purging does too. I need to go through my closet and my crafty closets. With the holiday's approaching, it's use it or lose it time.

Love you,

Amy D said...

I heart that picture- so vibrant and happy feeling!!! that space looks great! Good job. I need someone to come to my house and organize.

Ninja Panda said...

I love the colors in the first pic!

And how OMG is this jewelry display????

I've been drooling over it for the past few months lol