Saturday, November 20, 2010


Thank you so much Rob for an awesome time in NYC!  I love you so much

Yes- I have a couple pics of this guy
I'm trying to talk Rob into carrying a purse so I don't have to
This guy looks good- Right?  

SO serious

I have a new love of water towers
They are so cool!

Antiques and the Flea Market- our favorite things to see in NYC 

 Sid and Nancy
picture in Hotel Chelsea

Our Chelsea Flea Market
I fell in love with this french boy
A couple bought this picture off a street artist in Paris
Probably late 60s early 70s
Lucas and Rob think he's creepy 

had to throw these in from Tuesday's trip with mom

 Aren't these great?
Made of?
 Chicken Wire
 Tea Bags

I was so surprised Saturday night to find out Rob had invited some friends to join us for dinner- I love them!

My girls

These 2

I am so grateful for my wonderful husband and are great friends
I love you Rob and I had a great time
Our favorite side of town, restaurant, antiques, flea market, friend- it couldn't have been any better. 
We are so Blessed

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