Friday, November 5, 2010

Fashion Friday

Dressing your sweetheart...
Well Rob usually is fine to take care of shopping/dressing for himself, but recently asked me for some help.   I guess we all get in a slump.  Actually I don't much check out what's going on with men, but since he's asked I've been looking more.  Also I had some good ideas for Christmas gifts seeing he's looking to add some stuff to his wardrobe. 

I came across this magazine at Barnes and Noble last night and it had so much info in it......and a lot of inspiration.

Oh boy so many good things in this mag

Here's my list of good things to get my guy

Best Tie
Black Silk Knit

This mag contains great images of some classics like:

Warrren Beatty sporting a classic looking watch that can be wore with just about anything

Mixed in are images of toady's gentlemen  

Oh my is this boy cute!
I'm loving this suit shirt and tie
Nice Suit

Oh my Peter O'Tolle in an Topcoat
Why are guys in Topcoats so Sexy?

In the city a lot of men sport the topcoat- YUM!
I'm wondering if I could possibly talk Rob into it.  Around here you don't see it nearly enough.
I LOVE this look- JCrew

The Basic Down Vest underneath is HOT- Right
It was mentioned in GQ Manual

If I could dress my boy like a Kennedy everyday I would! 

Great tips like which shades look better with a suit

Tips on quick ways to iron a shirt and collar stays

Collar stays- I love this little bottle....Rob's are just laying on his dresser/rack and they actually have to get dusted- yeah that's how much we use them!

There's my list

There are also some small details I really should look into like
Good Socks
Matching belt and shoes for his suit
Tie Clip? 

After all these updates Rob will be Rocking Out like Mick on his Wedding Day!   


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