Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day to my Favorite Vet


Amazing Strength and Courage

Some 14 years ago my uncle needed a heart transplant and I remember praying hard for that because I loved my uncle so much.  Uncle Guy is my father's little brother and because we have a close family we all pray hard when one is having trouble or in pain.  WE are there for each other no matter what!  Well my uncle received his heart and he thrived!  It was not an easy journey, but he did it.   We were all pulling for him.  Our prayers would seem like the logical gift, but there was something else happening.  As this was going on we watched as my uncle fought to live and it was amazing to see.  Never in my life did I think that was I was watching I may someday need to help me through something big.  The greatest gift for me was that he made it and became my inspiration for fight my cancer! 

When I found out about my cancer the family once again pulled together and my uncle was there for me from the start.  I was reminded by more than one family member to "Remember Uncle Guy and all he did?"  Yes, I did and it motivated and inspired me to fight.  We do believe that PAULINES are FIGHTERS so that helped too, but Uncle Guy proved it.  I will never forget the night before my mastectomy my Uncle called me and told me he loved me and that everything would be OK!  I felt so good and that I could do it.  How many Uncles call their niece before her mastectomy?  Not sure- but I felt like a million bucks!  My Uncle is special to our PAULINE family for his ability to FIGHT! 

The story doesn't end-   Towards the end of my treatment my Uncle's heart was starting to show signs of wear............and well it needed to be taken out and he was in the position to need a new heart AGAIN!  Again the family got together and prayed hard and AGAIN my Uncle Guy fought!  
Uncle Guy went into the hospital on my brother's birthday to receive his 2nd heart transplant!  There were a couple of times we thought he was going to get a heart (he got the call and went-but the heart was no good)  and I did get to call him one of those times before the surgery and was able to tell him I loved him- and I think it meant more to me than him!

My Uncle is doing great after receiving his heart in July this year- the picture above was taken some 2-3 months after the transplant!

My uncle served his country and is one great man who has continued to fight for life.  He gave me the great gifts of LOVE, PRAYER, and INSPIRATION!

Thank you Uncle Guy
I love you

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