Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Doorways to Healing - Couples and Cancer

Rob and I attended Doorways to Healing this past weekend!

It was great for the both of us!

Cancer can be so hard on a couple and communication is such a huge part of it. 
For some reason couples can clam up and then just go on with this huge thing between the two of them.
It's only when we feel safe enough to open up that we do and then we get stronger.
I'm so grateful Rob went- because it sure wasn't an easy thing to do.
We were taught a few very important things and given some tips to take along on our journey.
And how amazing to meet other couples who "get" what we go through every day
We have some amazing friends, but thank God they really don't know how it goes. 
It's good because we can be with them and it's very free of cancer.
We love our friends happy and untouched by cancer, and we love our friends who've battled cancer.  

We love Doorways to Healing and our so thankful to the kind and loving Doctors!     

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