Thursday, November 18, 2010

tHe LosT PictureS

an assortment of photos from the past year - found on my cell phone or someone else's camera
Love all the wig 

Loving my Rice
One of my favorite wigs

My sweet BOY

No there's not a girl standing over there

 Love you girls
Friend, Friend and O
 The guys
Dad, Benji, Joe my handsome bro

 Oh gosh.......why take this picture?  Where the heck was my wig?
 Dad's garden

One of the Best Times on Vaca
Floating with Natalie 

 Me, Rob, Nicole, Sammy, Nat, and Joe 

 Luc and skinny mom!  BRAT
 Joey and Sammy

  The Repairman
The Guys
 Day before 1st chemo

 Real Hair

Best Wig

 Lucas' baby from school
What a RAD dad....looks like he may have broken his baby's neck?

The only bad IV out of 8  
 OH butt
 Favorite Bird in NYC

Sight leaving NYC 


  Radiation Reading

Aw- Taxi ride NYC

 Central Park Zoo

 Doggie Daycare NYC

Best Friend spending the night in the apartment

Waiting area where we wait with our gown on for rads
the men were next store and they never had pants on as they were prostrate guys
what a sight- gals with no tops and guys with no pants 

Vaca-Me- self portrait


 Running from the nasty waves

 Wave take

 Dad NYC- so fun!

Favorite waiting room chair

 Baby MaggieLux

 Lincoln Memorial 


 The Lake

 Yummy Food- Espresso Cafe NYC
 Oh what a nite- Chicago

Rob's Best New Recipe

 The thing I hate most about doctor office - examining rooms
The box of tissues- I know why they are there and it makes me sad 

Neighborhood Girls 

Our first snow flurries 

 I love my Payless - redo shoes

Oh the blue eyes 


Cooking with rubber
 Rob's Daddy
Becky cooking in the shed
Only Pod's would do something like that 

 Mom and Dad OC

Yes- I NOW stop and smell the rose and definitely take pictures of butterflies! 


Wedding Wig 

Rob looking at boR 


Sista B said...

Lots of good times you have captured with your camera. Reminds me that I need to take more!

Love you,

Amy said...

What great pics!! I enjoyed seeing your moments. That one of Rob the repair man is hilarious. I need to show Keith! said...

Oh what fun looking at
all these pictures.
Thank you.
You have captured so many
things we either take for
granted or just over look
in our so called "busy lives."
Bless you. You always enlighten
Love You

Natasha said...

I just wanted to pop in and say a very big "Thank you" for your sweet birthday message. Your comment really meant a lot to me! I am so sorry it has take me so long to visit, but I had a great week celebrating!

I hope your weekend is fabulous!

Best wishes always,

Thanks for sharing these fabulous images. I am so glad you found them!