Thursday, July 30, 2009


Lucas said if we ever re-do his room he would want it to be
Green (as in eco)
It's hard to get good ideas for a boy room.
PB did have a couple of rooms that looked decent but I wasn't getting a Nature feeling and I don't think they are green.
I do like the surf idea with bright colors - it's just this room looks too dark to me.

Lucas likes this one because it has a desk and with the size of his room right now; the only way he is getting a desk in there is to stack something.

I like the brightness here, but we have tiny windows so.............

Now this is how I think a boy's room should be:
Neat and not a lot of clutter- the clutter makes me uneasy for a boy.

{{{{{{{While cruising looking for ideas}}}}}}}}}}

I LOVE this girl room wallpaper!!!!!!!!!!!

If I could do a bedroom for Rob it would be this one:

We all know who this room would be for:
ahhhhSpeaking of kitchens- I had a lot of parsley in my little garden and tried this recipe from Martha Stewart:
It was yummy!
Argentina- how Romantic!

What does Argentina have to do with this?

It inspired Martha to write this recipe.

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