Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Veggie Wedgie Wednesday


I'm so rushed adjusting to my workout stuff that I can't even tell all the benefits of eating broccoli!

Quick SumUP:

It's in the cabbage family, fights a lot of the same things as other cabbage family members. When teamed up with tomatoes it's extra TOUGH against prostrate cancer. Great if you are prego!

Please read here because there is so much interesting things to read especially concerning prostrate cancer and older men choosing watchful waiting over chemo.

OH and Broccoli is an Italian!

If you like broccoli you will LOVE this recipe.
I first heard of LEMON with BROCCOLI while watching
Giada DeLaurentiis

She was using an olive oil infused with LEMON, so I searched and couldn't find the product and ended up trying extra virgin olive oil with fresh squeezed lemon juice and also PINCH.



Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Lemon or Lemons
PINCH seasoning

1. Steam your broccoli
I use my microwave steamer and it takes about 4minutes
2. Make your dressing
I make it in a glass instead of just adding it to the broccoli. Depending on how potent the lemon is you need to 1st add olive oil and them the lemon juice till it has a dressing taste.
BUT if I'm in a rush I just add it to my broccoli :)

3. Add your PINCH to taste
4. Drain Broccoli
5. Plate it and pour the dressing on it
I had to include this important tip as well concerning pasta because of all the things I've learned this is one of my favorites:
"Before you strain the pasta, save 1/4 cup of the pasta water," says De Laurentiis. "Then drain the pasta, add a little Parmesan cheese, then add your tomato sauce -- and then mix in the reserved pasta water. The starches in the water help the sauce stick. It comes out really nice and creamy."Read more:

Isn't it SUPER unfair that she is so skinny and loves to cook ITALIAN! At times I want to ring her neck! But I do love watching her cook, she is good and seems really sweet.

Exercise update:

I've been doing my Step and Ab DVDs every morning since Saturday! I have also done Cindy Crawford (except today b/c I woke up late)- Will do tonight. I have also logged my workouts every morning at Self Challenge!

It's finally getting a little easier, but I still at times think it stinks.

I love my new water OGGI bottle b/c I found it at TJMaxx for 4.99

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