Thursday, July 23, 2009


I'm so super excited for my date night- because we haven't gone to dinner alone in a LONG time!

Last night- I did my nails and tried on my clothes. It's just like the old days. I'm going to wear my new shoes that I adore!
I'm all set to go!

When looking through shoes I seen these I thought were so cute

Wouldn't they be a cute DATE SHOE?

Here's my favorite shoes ever-
My wedding shoes- standard Dyeables dyed green with my little blue bird pin.
I love this outfit:
There were a few cute outfit in Redbook article-
7 ways to Sex-up your boyfriends tee
I wonder if ROB is watching the clock like me?
Tick Tick Tick...........


Kupiec Family said...

You know.....after being married to Chet for 14 years (and dating him 10 years prior to that).....I still get so excited for date night with him. There were quite a few years when all the kids were babies that we never took the time to do this. But, now we try to have a "date night" at least every other month or so. Being a stay at home Mom.... it feels good to get dressed up and feel pretty for a night. I hope you enjoy your special night with your husband. I am sure you will look beautiful.... you always do!!
I really enjoy reading your blog!
And by the way.... I think you should "go for the baby girl".... but that's coming from a Mom of 4 so take it as it is :-)!!
Take care!

Danielle said...

Thanks Jackie!
We had a great time! I definitely admire you and Chet and your beautiful kids, so anytime you have words of wisdom pass them on!
I think we're going to go for it and see what happens.
It's great to get words of encouragement from someone who seems to have it going on- Thanks Jackie

Sista B said...

Have fun tonight. Date nights are the best and even better if you can come home to an empty house!

Have a great time... Salute!

Love B