Thursday, July 9, 2009

Bathing Suits and Charms

Still searching for a one piece or tankini I might feel comfortable wearing:
Modbe and Hapari had some really nice ones.

I love this one below because I could actually wear it as a top some hot I'll see one of those. I have a sundress on today with a scarf and cardigan!

I love jewelry and lately and I seen a woman with something like this on:It's like a charm necklace! I love it. The thing is I only like it in the gold which I don't wear much. I don't think it would look good in any other tone.
Then I was also turned onto Pandora bracelets (by my mom). They are so cute! They are a type of charm bracelet that you can continue to add to!
You choose the gold, silver or colored cord
Here's an all gold- pricey but beautiful

You can even create your own necklaces:

This would be my 1st charm

Oh and they also have lovepods- stackable rings with stones in them- love then too. I don't have long enough fingers but still. They remind me of an updated mother's ring.

Other than looking at jewels and swim suits- I'm back on the program

And here's an interesting fact:
There was a study where a picture similar to this one was used to determine perceptions of what is attractive in body shape and size… The women were to choose which figure they thought would be considered attractive while men chose what they thought was an attractive figure. Most of the women chose “A” while most of the men chose “B” or “C.” Obviously, the media has more of an influence on women and what they consider to be the ideal body size and weight.
Find out more here:

What program am I on??? One of my favorite ones-

Keep your eye on the prize

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