Monday, July 27, 2009

The 4th of July

I'm so behind!
Finally my 4th of July photos.

We spent the 4th weekend with Rob's family at their cottage.
It was fun.

Rob and Tyler getting the fireworks ready

The 4th was a little chilly but the 5th was FINE!
These 2 are busy just like last year!
Head to the sand BOYS

I love this kid!
Notice the polar fleece and sweatshirt- Is it really JULY?

Rob, Tyler and Lucas over at the BEACH

I will always remember dancing this July 4th!

Notice the flame
? How about the look on Rob's face?




It was a great time!

Exercise UPDATE
I just noticed I joined my SELF Challenge July 6th and have done nothing till this past Saturday.

I think part of my problem is that there is always something else to do so I skip the workout till night and then I'm tired!

SO Saturday I decided to start reading Family Manager and I was inspired to do some rethinking of my PROBLEM with working out. I love Kathy Peel!

What I did- I got out all my DVDs that I actually don't HATE doing and I did as much as I could handle if I did them everyday (which I would never do). I don't know why I figure stuff like that way but I do.

So because I workout in my basement I decided to do laundry in between my DVDs.

So here's what I came up - I can do:
My Step DVD

(picture too bad to post)LOL

My Cindy Crawford DVD
2 Loads of laundry

Catch up on NEWs
(because I know my DVDs so well I can watch the news as I'm doing them- although sometimes you really have to concentrate when doing your moves or weights.) I use a little DVD player for the exercise DVDs and watch the news on my big TV.

in 1 Hour 40 Minutes
I like !
BUT after I did it I was disgusted- WHY- because there is no way I can do it again! It was hard and there will always seems to be something that comes up and I can't do it. Why get my hopes up?

SO then I said to myself - I deserve to give myself 2 hours a day-
Really?- that seems so selfish.

BUT I did do 2 loads of laundry............and if I feel better and I am more quick to get up and do things with my it that selfish? I need to do it and so I did it Sunday and today as well.

I'm happy- but when I run out of laundry I'll feel bad doing it. LOL


Sista B said...

The look on Rob's face in the one photo cracks me up. I love the pics of the kids too. It was a great time and a lot of fun. Good memories.

I totally hear you about working out. Last night I could of went jogging when I got home from work, but decided to wait till later and then I didn't go because it was 8:45 and I try to be in by 9. We need to have a mind set where we put ourselves first when it comes to exercise because it will pay off in the long run. Can they hypnotize us to think this way? :)

Danielle said...

I know! Why do skip exercise but would do anything not to miss one of Lucas' practice!
Well it hurts- I'm in pain(good pain). This morning I could of swore I just went to bed when the alarm went off. I was dragging myself to the basement!