Friday, May 29, 2009

What Real Housewive are YOU?

Well based on clothing I'd be Caroline seeing we have the same taste in dresses-

Remember the dress I wanted for my rehearsal dinner

My favorite is Teresa. I just love her little girls and I kinda like her husband. Teresa seems like a real nut, but she makes me laugh.

I also like Jacqueline.

I don't like Caroline, Dina or Danielle; they annoy me.

I'm obsessed with eyebrows lately. I'm not sure why, but here are some I like.......
These are my favorite

Well I'm off my medication and feel pretty good. I've been really trying not to stress so much and do a lot of that left nostril breathing. I also started taking magnesium and fish oil. They make a great peach flavored fish oil- YUM. I feel good.
The other night when at my house Rob came across an old pair of my shorts. So cute so little. Rob said if I fit into them again he'll buy me a diamond ring! How sweet is that? Talk about motivation. I don't know maybe he thinks I'll never do or else he really wants me to do it. He's not the type to go out and shop for a ring like that.

My doctor has sent out my blood test results so we'll see. I really wish I knew what was wrong with me.

I think I'll start weighing in every Tuesday! I'll die if I don't get that ring! LOL
Today I'm 125
Changing up my blog was harder than I thought. I did have a fancy background but then it seemed harder to read. So what you see is what I decided on. My dear sister-in-law sent me the website House of 3 where I purchase my header thingy.
Thanks BECKY

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