Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Well I'm feeling better now that I've been walking but still my weight stays the same. I feel well enough to do a little spring detox. I have done this fast before so I know what to expect and I plan ahead.

I use 3 different herbs Milk Thistle, Pysllium Husks, and Cascara Sagrada. I do about 3-4 days with little food of fruits and vegetables. This seems hard,but if you start reducing a week or two before the really bad stuff like red meat, soda, and sugar it isn't too bad. If you read any macrobiotic stuff you'll learn more about yin and yang types of food and how some foods make you hungry for others. SO in short eating one bad thing can lead you to crave the opposite bad thing.

Ok -what I'm trying to say is when you only eat fruits and veggies you do get hungry,but you don't crave bad stuff. Get it? And after a while you don't even feel that hungry....weird I know.

If you hadn't cut down on some things especially carbs and caffeine you can have some withdrawal symptoms.
SO what you would need to do is research and ask your doctor.

Another good thing about fasting and detox is that it's like after you get your teeth cleaned at the dentist; you don't want to dirty yourself up. You feel refreshed and more clear and you don't want to junk it up.

I definitely plan in my head that it's going to be a relaxing time so that my body doesn't go into "hold all fat mode" like people talk about.

I also-

Make sure all my favorite loose fitting clothes are washed and ready- attempting to put something on that doesn't fit will kill me.

I purchase 1 cheap (pouch) face mask for one night

Purchase a good yogi decaf tea

Make sure I have vitamin E oil for my body- I'll actually take time to moisturize

Buy organic veggies, and fruits

I purchase water that I love, and I love Evian

I also pick out a book I love. I'm still reading "show it love" and also Marilu Henner's Total Body Makeover. TBM is great because if you want to eat better she will give you steps for full on change or little changes at a time. If you read her book you will think twice before enjoying milk, sugar, coffee, and a lot of others.

In the morning I meditate- which is pretty much impossible if you live with people, especially ones that are related to you

Last but not least I create cd's for myself- 1 of new upbeat tunes which I use for a pick me up and workout and 1 of loving happy tunes that I use to relax and feel happy. I should purchase an ipod.

I believe you have to really baby yourself and treat yourself to relaxing enjoyable things- WE DO DESERVE IT! Plus I swear EATING for me becomes SOMETHING SPECIAL TO DO FOR ME! Yeah how bad is that...I treat myself to ice cream at night or diet coke in the morning. So with all this less time EATING I need to do other things.

I'm curious to see how I do on my weigh in at WW. Things are slow moving but I must KEEP PUSHING!!!

I'm doing this fast to try and clean myself out and in doing this I know I will gain a clearer view of things. I don't know why but it just happens that way with fasting. Everything looks clearer. I've read it and thought yeah right but it's true. You will feel it. Right now I'm foggy and fat. I know I won't lose weight, but I won't be foggy.

Even if you don't do the fast relax more and enjoy little things.

(I'm proud of myself)
Rob is going outside to plant the flowers I bought- my thought- laundry I'm going to do laundry. Well being that I'm relaxing and detoxing I instead went outside and enjoyed watching him plant the flowers. I love what I picked out and he is so good at placing them. See now that was a relaxing choice I deserved. It was nice; all 4 of us outside enjoying ourselves. I did warn Rob ahead about my detox and that I would be taking it easy- you don't want your hubby to get jealous! I loved all the lavender colors and orange I seen when shopping. I'm digging those 2 colors!

Rob picked these little flowers for me and wrapped them in wire- How sweet

One last thing- part of our problem for not taking care of ourselves and letting things get away is putting ourselves LAST most of the time. If you really think about when you pig out or don't work out what were you doing either prior to pig out or during the skipped workout- PROBABLY something for someone else!

Unless you're caring for a baby or helpless person most things can wait till you do something for you.

I noticed this a lot!

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