Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I love Forever21


Because recently being that I have a lot more going on with my bod. I have to make adjustments in what to wear and how I'm gonna hide STUFF.

So anyways like everyone else I get sick of looking at things on skinny chics! I mean they don't even look good in everything, but they're the shit...I guess.

So I was so happy to see that Forever21 has a shop for girls with figures! Faith21

Example 1 Skinny Girl in a Long Dress

SKINNY GIRL 2 Looks a Little better but Only because she's sticking out her hip BONE.
Now if I like something I can go on Faith21 and see it on someone with more SUBSTANCE.

Maybe I'm kidding myself but she looks good! NO?

Another girl of SUBSTANCE

So if you are digging these lovely long beauties! Go get this one for probably under $20

And if you are a little person like me you'll rush to find this on clearance for $5
And this for $10- but get the all black one without the ruffle bottom

OK and I loved this bathing suit but.........

This outfit is hot!
Had to include it. All the outfits I posted are either Forever21, Faith21, and Walmart. If I spoke of items under $20 they are Walmart as well.
Yes... it's Veggie Wedgie Wednesday but I was too busy for VEGGIE tales and so I went with this old favorite: RED POTATOES
Rob Loves Smashed Potatoes by Rachel Ray
I know Potatoes are probably a no no...especially with cream cheese and chives, but for your hubby it's OK. I had an over abundance of chives and red potatoes for some reason.
Red Potatoes are a high potassium food. They also have Vitamin C!
The main thing is they make you feel full and happy inside.

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Amy D said...

Substance...........that's what I am talking about. I got plenty of substance. I am going to check that site out-thanks. Oh happy day to ya!