Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year

I guess this post should be all about the new year and what it could be. What I will attempt and what I will not.

As the year ended I felt sick a lot. I actually am sick of feeling sick so I will start the new year by going back to the doctor.

As the year ended I said goodbye to a dear friend:
RIP- Diet Coke

I still think about an ice cold diet. So sad.

This year I will connect with an old friend:

Feed the Fam
Feed Rob, Lucas and myself good food.
We are going to eat healthier in our house. This week is the 1st week. I love food so this is hard. I know we need to eat more fruits and vegetables and less junk. The problem is I can not give up food I like, and start eating things I don't like all at the same time. So I pick the fruits and vegetables I need to eat for the day and I let myself eat anything I want all day! The Catch- NO matter what I've eated that day I must eat all the fruits and vegetables. I'm thinking I will end up sick of eating junk? Is this a crazy idea? I just know if I don't let myself eat any junk food I'll go nutz. Eventually I hope to be able to handle a "free day" every week to eat what ever I want. If I attempt that now I would probably eat the week's worth of junk in the 1 free day.
I won't even mention exercise that's a given when getting healthy.

What else am I going to do? Enjoy my family. To really take time to enjoy the time I get to spend with my family. Like my parents, brother, sister-in-laws, brother-in-law and kids. Make more time to see them. We all live so close but it's hard to get together. Why?

I did invite Joe and his family over and it was actually really nice to just hang out for no reason. The kids loved it! I used to love spending time with my cousins. There is something special about cousins. There just is. It was so fun.

I will also make more of an effort to visit with friends. I will try and be more like Amy! I realized Amy was wearing off on my when I spent time with a friend and did something b/c Amy did it. Amy is always so sweet and up beat. She makes an effort to see friends and be a friend. She loves clothes and shopping like I do. Amy is very honest and just plain uncomplicated and great to be around.

I will embrace more sports. Lucas loves sports and I will get more excited about sports. I hope to attend a pro basketball game with Lucas.

I will work hard on family traditions. As time goes on things just change and maybe I need to step it up and take on some responsibility with the holiday meals.

I will try to be more like my mom at the holiday- coo,clean, get dressed up and still greet a well dressed dog when he come over for dinner. How often does someone do something like that.

It's nice to marry into a family where they do have traditions and standards!

I believe Lucas has been initiated into a Pod tradtion.

I will start wrapping presents in different boxes so no one has a clue what they are getting. This is something Rob's mom does that is really neat. This means I will have to go the extra step in compete in wrapping with my sister-in-law Becky and my brother Joe. They both really know how to wrap a gift.

I will hug and kiss my family when I see them and when I say goodbye. Wrestling is o.k. too.

Last I will have more fun like my dad does.
The end.....

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amy said...

Aren't you a sweetie- thanks for putting me on the famous blog and the kind words. I really do wish we got to chat more and see each other more. You are a great person and friend:)I like that pic of Maddi and me.