Wednesday, January 21, 2009

It's all about ME!

Well I did receive Christmas money and I know I'm old because of what I purchased! I ordered an IBS kit($100). There is nothing more annoying than having a poop problem. It's funny at times but usually not.
Anyway I found a website with a ton of info and I was lead to a kit that actually contains a CD for family members to listen to. Why do they need a CD? Because if you have any experience with IBS it is at times very difficult to deal with. I mean I'm newly married and I'm hoping my husband never finds out I poo. LOL So the CD will blow my cover but it will also explain that I'm just not being a "B" when there is something going on and I just can't do it. The kit also contains a book, CD for me, and ice/hot packs. I guess there is a mind/gut connection so hypnosis can help and the CD will do some of that.

What else did I get: Core Rhythms ($44) I'm excited! Exercising has been tough, so I'm hoping these help.

Oh you know what has gotten be moving Beyonce's Single Ladies Video! Watch it on YouTube! When I was young I would see a video like Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation and I would want to dance. Well I seen this video and I wanted to dance....I'm not the only one!!!! You'll see if you check out YouTube. WOW

The rest of my Christmas money will go to Yellow Flats???? and clothing!?

Last but not least I purchased a Martha Stewart flower pot ($29) for one of my favorite plants.

I'm still 118, but I have been eating better. I figured out that for some reason I can't eat oatmeal, must be something with my IBS. I was loving eating it, but I tried going with out and I actually feel better.

Still no Diet Coke, but I think of it still. The only reason I don't drink it now is because I know I would O.D. on it.

Lucas and Rob are doing great! I think they may be doing better than me. I still struggle with fruit. I was having blueberries every morning with oatmeal, but now none. There are nights I just shove fruit in because fruit is my friend.

I started crocheting which will be helpful with snacking. I can't snack when I'm crocheting so that's good.

Here is my 1st completed project:

I like this because it's not a full scarf and it keeps my neck warm.

I really liked this when I seen it on Jcrew.....and I almost have it sort of.

Remember this top (from my shower)And here is my purse from my wedding:
Jeans I probably have something similar - I can make a hole in, maybe I won't go that far. Bracelet won't be hard to get or make out of something I already have. Sometimes if you just look through magazines you will get ideas on switching things up.

So all I need is yellow flats...I LOVE yellow. Yellow flats???


Sista B said...

Hey girl! I was thinking... don't know how much time it takes you to make those mini scarfs (need to come up with a catchy name), but you should think about putting them on etsy. Plus, it would put some extra money in your clothing budget. They are really cute and clever!

Love ya! B

Danielle said...

Yeah - they are scraflets or something like that. I seen them on-line. I really like the little kid hats. I like quick projects and kids stuff is pretty quick. That scarf is a one night project plus a little extra time for me to learn how to make a flower.
Love Ya Too

Amy said...

Look at you all crafty!!! Love the scarf!