Friday, January 30, 2009


Moving is an adjustment! I'm still settling in and at times I miss my own place more than I did before. I guess when you 1st move it's exciting and you overlook some things you had before. Like every morning I didn't have a fenced yard like I do now, so I had to actually walk Karl outside. Every morning a friend would meet me and give a glance over the fence. I would say, "Hi".

She would watch us for a bit.
Then she'd go on her way.

I was never a big horse person until Sidekick; she's a celebrity in our old neighborhood. When Lucas was little we would walk over to Sidekick's house and feed her an apple, carrots, or sugar cubes. I miss her.

Maybe someday we'll have a horse neighbor or better yet a horse!

For now I've decided as I work on my office area at the new house- I need a horse picture. I absolutely love the horse picture at the Chelsea Hotel in NYC. It was one of the 1st things I noticed walking in there.

I wonder if that picture is still up?

Weird - it does sort of look like Sidekick. Maybe I can get Sidekick a photo-shoot.

Well- Like I said moving is an adjustment. I didn't realize how set in my ways I was until now. Somedays I'm a real baby about things. Wow. I love my new home and family. Thank God they cut me some slack!

Plus a fenced yard is great for Karl to actually be able to run free.

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