Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sometimes the "Bad Times" are remembered as "Good Times"
Last I posted about Lucas and I playing "PowerOut". This is a game Lucas remembers as being a lot of fun and actual became a game we would play on occasion. What Lucas doesn't know is that the power was out!

When I was on my own it was hard. The hardest part was the money for me. I was determined to live in my house and it was costly. At times child support wasn't worked out and we struggled. I wasn't willing to go to parents for help so I ran into trouble at times. There were many nights of sitting on my bed trying to figure out how to pay all the bills. I was a wreck.

One time I was scraping by and I finally got my utility money together....but well it was too late! The bill was paid but they already processed the shut off. What to do? 1st I didn't want to let Lucas in on the problem, but how do I explain no power? Make a game of it. It wasn't fun buying ice to fill a cooler with items from the fridge, getting flashlights together along with a candles. You don't realize how important your utilities are until you don't have them. The game became PowerOut. We ate sandwiches and played board games on my bed until it was bedtime. I was dying inside of guilt and fear but Lucas on the other hand loved it. Now that I think back it was fun for him. It was quiet and just fun. I guess I wanted to post about this because I learned as times goes on I realized a couple things 1. It's hard being the Breadwinner in the family (I have huge admiration for anyone who is the Breadwinner) 2. It's OK to reach out to family for help. 3. It's sometimes OK to explain to your children about struggle and sacrifice, and lastly 4. These times that seem so hard or confusing may one day be something we laugh about.

It makes dealing with problems a little easier to take.....oh along with this quote: Problems are gifts giving to teach us some. We seek out problems because we need the gift they contain. Not sure who said that, but remember it from one of the many self-helps I've read.

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