Thursday, January 15, 2009

I would have liked to post this sooner, but thanks to the flu I didn't get to .

We celebrated Rob's birthday on the weekend and it was great!
I love Rob so much. We had planned on going out of town to dinner, but thanks to a snow storm that wasn't possible.
BUT instead we went to dinner, bowling, and sleigh riding! It was one of the most magical nights ever.

Rob and Lucas surprised me with the bowling which was a lot of fun. Then when we got home at 11 they said they had another surprise sleigh riding. I was totally surprised and wasn't going to go, but I did. It was so fun. I watched Lucas and Rob and they both looked so happy it made me cry.

Rob is so wonderful to have thought of such wonderful things to do on his birthday. I love how Rob really thinks about things and does the right thing. I'm so lucky to have found him.

So many times Rob turns situations around. He is level headed and thoughtful. Rob is so good to Lucas and myself. I know all of us living together has been a huge adjustment and Rob does a lot to make it easier.

Rob is known for calling me and leaving a vm of encouragement.

Rob loves things to be neat and clean and in their place, but gives in a lot when it comes to Lucas and I.

I love when Rob dances around the house and makes me laugh. I love when he hides and scares the crap out of me. I love when he peeks in the kitchen window and I'm taking my clothes off to throw down the basement.
I could watch Rob and Lucas play games for hours. It's so sweet when the two of them do things together.
I even like it when Rob get grumpy because he hasn't had enough garage time.
It doesn't hurt he's good looking too...wink
He cares so much about his family and friends.
Rob came into our life and made us very happy.
We love you Rob


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Amy said... the person taking the picture of the guys at your rehearsal in need of a V8 or is that picture super crooked? LOL- great pics!